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Oficiálny list od Manuka Health je k nahliadnutiu v článku, ktorý vám objasní dôvod zvyšovania cien.


Dear Marian,

I am writing to inform you that Manuka Health will be increasing our prices from the 1st of December 2015.


The Manuka Honey industry continues to experience intense buying activity not just from Manuka Health’s New Zealand competitors but also from European and Chinese honey traders who have purchased large quantities of bulk Manuka honey. Demand continues to exceed supply and the net result is that in order for Manuka Health to secure Manuka honey stock it has to pay the going market rate for bulk honey.


Manuka Health is putting in place long term strategies to mitigate the future risk of significant price increase. We are investing significantly in our bee keeping operations; strengthening our relationships with landowners and independent bee keepers; and continue to invest in our state of the art manufacturing facility in order to remain as competitive as possible and to ensure that you receive products all year round.


This letter is notifying you of price increase for all our products effective from the 1st of December 2015.  An updated Price List will be sent out to you shortly.


We understand price increases have implications to your business however it is a necessary step given the global demand.  We are closely monitoring the situation with the aim of ensuring we can secure our honey stock requirement.

Yours sincerely


Dr Mike Durbin – General Manager International

Manuka Health New Zealand Limited

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